Website Design & Maintenance

We understand small businesses have different digital marketing needs. We'll listen to your goals, design and create responsive, SEO friendly websites for your small business. We also offer monthly support programs that cover on-going website maintenance, SEO strategies and new content, so you can focus on your day to day small business operations.

Website Design

Whether your existing small business website is outdated and in need of a makeover or you need a brand new website, we can help. We design responsive websites, so it looks great on all devices and create content that is SEO friendly, so it’s easy for consumers to find you. We integrate social media and email marketing to leverage your existing clientele and design pages that convert users into leads. 

Website Maintenance Programs

Website technology is constantly changing, code becomes obsolete, plugins no longer work and the next device that consumers use to access the internet is right around the corner. We offer monthly maintenance support programs that stay on top of the every changing digital landscape. It’s like having your own digital marketing team, but at a fraction of the cost.

Website Responsive Design

We build and design responsive websites for small businesses. Responsive website design means no matter what device a consumer is using, your website will adjust and format, so it looks great and consumers easily interact, read and find the information they need. Most consumers use their mobile devices to browse and research the internet. For my clients’ websites, 56% of the users are mobile. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, the consumer probably went to your competition.

Website Content

Your small business is evolving and your website content should be aligned with the changes. You may offer a new service to grow your business, open a new location as business expands or offer a special promotion to your customers. We help support these changes and make the adjustments. When new content is needed, we do the SEO research and optimize the page content, so search engines like Google and Bing know it’s there.

Website SEO

SEO means search engine optimization and we’ll help create an SEO strategy for your small business. How well your website pages are optimized is a key factor in determining your ranking on search engine results pages (SERP). There are many things that make up good SEO, but we make sure pages, content, metadata, links, and URL’s are structured properly. We also offer many SEO services that help increase your website rankings.

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Email Marketing

We provide easy to use email marketing tools for small business. Existing customer contact information can be uploaded to the email marketing tool and forms can be embedded into your website, so you can capture new leads. The email marketing tool is great way to stay in touch with customers and promote new products, services, deals, specials, coupons and other information, so customers keep coming back to your business.

Advertise Online

Advertising online is a cost effective way to promote your small business and reach consumers that are interested in your products and services. We can use your existing account or create a new one for you. You tell us the areas of business you want to grow and we create campaigns and compelling ads that drive consumers to your website on a budget that makes sense for you. We also can add Google Analytics code and continually monitor and optimize your campaigns so you get the best return on your on your investment.

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Google Analytics

We add Goggle Analytics to all our websites. Google Analytics collects, tracks and reports user activity on your website. Google Analytics tells you how many people visited your site, where they were located and demographic information. It also lets you know what type of device they used to visit your website, how the visitor came to your website (organic, direct, paid search, referral), what pages they visited and how long they stayed so you see which pages are leading to conversions.

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