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We understand businesses have different digital marketing needs. We'll listen to your specific goals to design a website that works best for your end users. We offer a variety of monthly website maintenance programs, make overs for existing websites, and flat rate website construction.


A website, much like a car, looks great and functions well when it's new. However, over time the luster fades and things start to break. For a car, you have a mechanic...for your website, simply contact us and let our highly experienced staff take care of your website for you.

For many businesses their website is the first point of contact for new customers as well as a base of information for returning customers. Website technology is constantly changing, code becomes deprecated, plugins no longer work, standards change, browsers are updated and the next device that consumers use to access the internet is right around the corner. Avoid missed opportunities because your website was down, hacked, not functioning properly, or doesn't appear accurately on a consumer's device.

With our monthly maintenance programs you don’t have to worry. We can handle the technical updates, content changes, new content development, hosting fees and domain renewals. As your business grows with new products or services, we’ll be there to ensure your website grows with it.

Below are a few of our most popular programs. We can also customize a plan or bundle services that meet your needs and budget.

Maintenance Program #1 – Technical Support

This option is best suited for websites where content doesn’t change or you are comfortable making the changes on your own. Every website will need technical support at some point. Whether the malfunction is due to code that no longer works, plugins that have become outdated, or other inevitable advances in technology that require website adaptations, we’re right here to support your website.
  • Plugin and theme updates
  • Fix broken code
  • Update WordPress widget

Maintenance Program #2 – Technical Support and Minor Content Updates

This option includes all of the technical support provided in Program #1, but also includes support for minor content updates. We’ll access files on the hosting server and change images, make edits to your text, update SEO metadata and other minor changes to existing content.
  • Image updates
  • Verbiage updates
  • SEO metadata updates

Maintenance Program #3 – Technical Support and Frequent Content Changes

This option includes all the support provided in Programs #1 & #2, but also includes frequent content changes.

This program is great for businesses that have many products and services that require different landing pages for promotional campaigns and want to reach new customers. We can help you start marketing to consumers by adding forms to your website pages to collect consumers’ information as well as provide you with email marketing tools.

We also offer businesses 3rd party service integretion, such as MINDBODY, for schedules and purchases, creating a seamless experience for the customer. We’ll give you options on how to tie it to your email marketing, providing you with a complete small business marketing solution.
  • Promotional landing pages
  • Forms for lead generation
  • Email marketing solutions
  • SEO on page updates
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Frequent content updates
  • Social media integration (allow your customers to "follow", "share", and "like" your business online)

Maintenance Program #4 – Technical Support, content changes and website redesigns

This option includes all of the support provided in Programs #1, #2 and #3, and also includes website redesigns.

If your website is outdated, needs new features, isn’t responsive (doesn’t display well or function properly on mobile), or could just benefit from an in depth makeover, Program #4 is your solution.

This program provides a great way to spread the costs over a longer period time and receive all the support along the way.
  • New website construction or complete website makeover
  • Responsive website design and implementation

Maintenance Program #5 – Custom Plan

If none of the above programs suit your website needs, contact us, and we will put together a custom plan specific to supporting the success of your business.

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Website Design

Some clients prefer to pay a one­time flat fee for creation of a website. We’ll provide the same design and site development recommendations, set up the hosting, help with your domain, deploy the code, launch your site, then hand the site off to you. Clients choosing this option can always contact us for additional future services.

Whether it's a new website for your business, or simply time to give your existing one a makeover and make it responsvie, we will work with you to mold your website into one that meet your goals and speaks directly to your customers.

Basic brochure site designs start at $500 and increase with additional pages and functionality options.

responsive website design
responsive website design
responsive website design
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